NLRC newly appointed Commissioner Nicolas shares 3 working principles for success

Posted February 06,2020 01:33:21

As part of his introductory speech as the new appointed Commissioner of the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC), Commissioner Nicolas B. Nicolas shared three (3) guiding principles which accordingly are proven helpful to become successful. These were shared before the NLRC Officials and Employees during the Flag Raising Ceremony last January 2020.

Below is Commissioner’s Nicolas full message during his speech:

“Sometimes, when we see a successful person, we only see the superficial and public glories. We fail to see through the private sacrifices that this person has made. For in truth, victories are achieved not in miles but in inches! Win a little now, hold your ground and later win a little more.

In my perspective, success is achieved incremental, to become monumental. I do not have any secret recipe, although I can share to you some important guiding principles that are proven helpful. It has led me to this point where I now stand in front of you, as the newly appointed NLRC Commissioner. 

Perhaps for some of you, I surmise, are already practicing these. I have three important work principles. First, do good work, second, stand your ground, and lastly, be proud of who you are. Then success will follow. 

First, do good work. Build a reputation on good work. Positive energy and demonstrated positivity comes from ownership. Be the best you can be – alert, lively, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Show a hunger for learning and a passion for improvement. If you feel that you have ideas that can bring a positive change, share them. Build a reputation for being the best that you can be, and take pride in that reputation. It is true that those who are passionate about quality and growth (of their own and their organizations) bring energy to every table they sit on.

Ask yourself: How much work can you do compared to others in similar roles as yourself? What was your average work output one year ago as compared to your output now? Is your productivity increasing or decresing?

Strive towards becoming a topmost performer in your department who not only produces fast work results but also does it accurately and error-free to the greatest extent possible.

Be proactive. Always think ahead, plan as best as you can then execute. Do not wait for things to happen, make it happen. To do good at work, we have to also learn from our mistakes.

Admitting mistakes is not always easy to do. Do not blame others, apologize, reflect on the mistakes and ask yourself what did you learn from this, how can you do better next time and keep moving forward.

Second, stand your ground. Do not say yes to everything. Always stay true to your values. Know you have the same right as others to be your own person. Refuse to be a doormat or leave as a victim. Stand your ground even if it is met with disapproval. Face your fears and step out of your comfort zone.

Stand up for yourself. The key to assertiveness is being polite, direct, clear and non-attacking. It means standing up for your rights, feelings, belief and needs while also respecting those of the other person. This is different from aggression, meanness, or being pushy.

Finally, be proud of who you are. May you be proud of the work you do. The person you are and difference that you make everyday.

Embrace your role and the work that you do. Irrespective of your position or years of experience, you are a vital link in the chain of our office. Recognize your importance in the larger picture, look like you matter and get in the game. What you do every day at work matters. You are crucial to things happening, be proud of that.

Lastly,  I would like to share to you two quotes. First, Real success requires step after step; it requires choice after choice; it demands education and passion and commitment and persistence and hunger and patience; and

Second, Build your life on your dreams; because dreams never have bad ending.” May God bless us all. Mabuhay ang NLRC. Mabuhay tayong lahat. Salamat.”


Atty. Nicolas B. Nicolas is a former Labor Arbiter of the NCR Arbitration Branch and has served the Commission for nearly seven (7) years.