NLRC dialogue with Association of Genuine Labor Organizations (AGLO) successful

Posted February 04,2019 18:25:10

           The NLRC, represented by the Chairman, Commissioners, Labor Arbiters and Staff, conducted a dialogue with the Association of Genuine Labor Organizations (AGLO) last June 3, 2013.

           The dialogue primarily focused on the execution of judgment. The AGLO admitted that the NLRC now was resolving the cases faster and further suggest to closely monitor the process of execution.

           The Chairman assured the AGLO that the execution of judgment will be closely monitored. With the promulgation of the 2012 NLRC Sheriffs’ Manual on Execution of Judgment, the process of execution will now be expedited and disposed of properly.

           The Chairman and the Commissioners also assured the AGLO that the NLRC Rules of Procedure is subject to a continuing review to address the issues of labor and management, and in order to sustain the reforms being implemented by the Commission.

           The dialogue becomes successful as both the parties, the NLRC and the AGLO, agreed to maintain coordination in promoting industrial peace and social justice.

           The AGLO supported the leadership of Chairman Nograles on the reforms on streamlining of procedures, restoring integrity and speedy disposition of cases.


Research, Information and Publications Division
National Labor Relations Commission