NLRC regulates inhibition of cases

Posted February 04,2019 18:25:10

       In an Administrative Order No. 02-08, Series of 2013, Chairman Gerardo C. Nograles issue guidelines on inhibition of cases.

    Administrative Order No. 02-08 was issued to obviate the practice of inhibiting from handling a case, especially during execution proceedings, which has caused unnecessary delay in the disposition of cases.

      Under this A.O. a Labor Arbiter may, for just and valid reasons, inhibit himself or herself from handling a case. However, all inhibitions from handling a case, to be effective, must be with the prior approval of the Executive Labor Arbiter. Only after such approval will the Order of Inhibition be issued.

       In case of inhibition of a Commissioner from handling a case, the prior approval of the Chairman is only necessary if the inhibition will result in the creation of a Special Division.

       The Executive Labor Arbiter’s or the Chairman’s approval or disapproval of inhibitions will be attached to the records of the case, copy furnished the Research, Information and Publication Division (RIPD).  

       The guidelines issued was part of the administrative intervention of the NLRC to reform labor arbitration and adjudication systems by streamlining procedures, removing red tape, and at the same, restore integrity and fairness in the system.


Research, Information and Publications Division

National Labor Relations Commission