Good Example

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POSTED: NOVEMBER 5, 2012 2:10 AM
          It is seldom that a government agency is commended considering that, most often than not, government are either embroiled in some anomalies or they are performing subpar.
          So when Sen. Franklin Drilon praised the National Labor Relations Commission, it was a testament that the agency had done something that many others have not.
          The agency, in its latest report, said it was doing its best to improve its performance mainly on resolving labor disputes with the goal of doing it in the most fair and speedy way.
          To do this, the agency said it would strengthen its adoption of the Speedy and Efficient Delivery of Labor Justice, a system that mandates government agencies to dispose at least 98% of cases filed with the agency between April 2009 and December 2011.
          The agency also performed better in mediating disputes among workers and management in using the single-entry approach, a system that allows the agency to let the conflicting parties agree at a given time.
          In its 2011 report, the agency said 56% of the cases brought before the agency were settled, including those settled through the approach. It was even the agency that “garnered the highest number and percentage of enrolled and disposed cases” among those agencies tasked to use the approach.
          But the bottomline to all of these is not the achievement of the agency, but the way better atmosphere in the workplace is achieved. The agency has allowed both the workers and the management to discuss between themselves their differences in order for them to achieve harmony.
          Government agencies must always look at ways not only to perform better but to serve their respective constituencies best. They must always remember that the taxpayers are their masters.