NLRC Performance Lauded, Nograles Commends Staff

         The National Labor Relations Commission headed by its Dabawenyo chairman Gerardo C. Nograles has earned praise it’s performance in 2011.

Senator Franklin M. Drilon said the NLRC deserves to be nominated for the Civil Service Commission award because of its outstanding record. 
Drilon, a former secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment, which has supervision over NLRC, and Senate President, noted NLRC’s performance during a budget meeting last month.
         In his “A Mantle of Gratitude” letter to officials and employees of the agency on 

October 5,  Nograles, who once served as councilor representing Davao City’s second district, also commended the agency for its performance.

         Based on its 2011 performance report, the agency registered its biggest achievement in the resolution of cases as both the regional branches and commission proper submitted a similar achievement of 104%, meaning more cases were resolved, including older cases, than those filed with the agency.
         The agency achieved a 97% rating for original cases for regional arbitration branches based on a 33,000-target by accomplishing 32,045. It also achieved 88% in appealed cases commission proper for completing 11,817 cases out of the 13,500 target.
         In terms of quality, the agency achieved a high of 93% affirmation on its decisions appealed before the Supreme Court as the High Court only reversed 80 of 1,098 of the cases it ruled; and 91% in the Court of Appeals as only 14 of the 1,364 cases that it ruled were reversed.
         Only 13% of the ruling of the branches were elevated to the commission proper during the period.
         In terms of monetary awards at the regional arbitration branches, judgment of cases involved P4.5 billion benefiting 34,455 workers, with P1.7 billion awarded to 18,945 while P2.8 billion was awarded to 15,510 workers based on decision.
         In the case of commission proper, P2.91 billion was awarded to 14,015 workers.