NLRC on National Peace Consciousness Month 2012

            In coordination with the Office of Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) of the Office of the President, the NLRC supports and participates in the celebration of the Peace Month 2012.

            A public display of the National Peace Consciousness Month 2012 streamer, with the theme “Ako. Ikaw. Tayo. Magkakaiba, Nagkakaisa sa Kapayapaan – NLRC is for PEACE” was posted in main building of the NLRC.

            Also, during the flag ceremony, the Harmony Prayer and Pledge of Peace were recited.

            “This year’s theme sends the message that each Filipino has a stake in peace, regardless of the differences in geographic area, culture and religion, and in our diversity, we stand united in bringing peace to the country,” (culled from letter message of the Secretary of the OPAPP to the Chairman of the NLRC).

            On the part of the NLRC, promotion of peace is on a different aspect, that is, promotion of industrial peace in the field of labor relations. Maintaining peace between workers and capital is a primordial function of the NLRC to ensure social justice.   


Research, Information and Publications Division

National Labor Relations Commission