NLRC Joins the 13th National Human Rights Forum on Protection of the Rights of Call Center Workers

            The NLRC participates in the 13thNational Human Rights Forum on Protection of the Rights of Call Center Workers last 29 August 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Pasig City.

            The forum was organized and sponsored by the Presidential Human Rights Committee (PHRC) of the Office of the President.

            The forum discussed the important aspects of the rights of call center employees, and served as the venue for coordination, information-exchange, and dialogue/consensus.

            From 2009-2011, at the National Capital Region (NCR), an average of 1,843 cases were filed every year. Of these filed cases, 70% were settled, and 30% were decided on the merits. Also, 67% were decided in favor of labor, and 33% in favor of management.

            The common causes of action filed by call center at the NCR are illegal dismissal and underpayment of salary, overtime pay, holiday pay, and other monetary benefits.

            The trend of decisions on BPO cases normally boils down on the determination of valid termination, period of employment, and nature of work/position for the entitlement of benefits.

            One prevailing issue is the promotion of call center agent to “Mentor” position and/or “Coach” position under the BPO parlance – whether the same falls under the rank-and-file, supervisory or managerial positions.

            On this labor issue, the NLRC endeavors to uplift the labor rights of the call center agents in the spirit of labor justice.



Reserch, Information and Publications Division

National Labor Relations Commission