NLRC-Seventh Division Takes Part in Building a Better Tomorrow

           Industrialization may have contributed to our perception of what progress should be yet to some extent it also destroyed the balance of nature that could lead to global warming and climate change. With the current dilemma, are We going to just sit back and watch mother nature die or are we going to step up and make a difference?

            As an environmental steward, the National Labor Relations Commission-Seventh Division chose to face the challenge. For the past years, we organized and/or participated in various tree planting and seedling nurturance activities in coordination with NGOs like the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI).  Fortunately, our efforts paid off.

            In a communication dated 23 July 2012, our partner NGO, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. informed us that as a result of our institution’s active participation in the various nurturance activities, a 100% survival rate has been maintained for seedlings planted last year.

            The National Labor Relations Commission-Seventh Division takes pride in being able to contribute to the restoration of our forests and restore whatever is left of our environment for the present and future generations to enjoy. Our efforts may only be a tiny ripple in the ocean but what is important is we are able to make a difference.



By: Atty. Mei Loraine Fanlo   

7th Division - Cebu City

National Labor Relations Commission