NLRC recommends filling-in of 15 Labor Arbiter positions

NLRC recommends filling-in of 15 Labor Arbiter positions


            Fifteen (15) positions for Labor Arbiter were recently declared vacant. The need for a Labor Arbiter nominee arises when a vacancy occurs in the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) due to the death, retirement, or resignation of a Labor Arbiter (or when a Labor Arbiter announces the intention to retire or resign).  It then becomes the President’s constitutional responsibility to appoint a successor to the vacating Arbiter, upon recommendation of the Secretary of Labor and Employment and shall be subject to the Civil Service Law, rules and regulations.

            To be qualified to apply for the Labor Arbiter position, one has to be a member of the Philippine Bar, with at least ten (10) years law practice in the Philippines and with not less than five (5) years experience or exposure in the field of labor-management relations (RA 9347).

            The NLRC’s Selection Board, composed of six members, designed an application procedure for vacant Labor Arbiter positions. The first step that the Board does is to screen the credentials of applicants to determine who are eligible to take the written exam.  When they pass the written exam, applicants will be notified for the schedule of their panel interview.

            After the interviews have taken place, the Board  determines who may be able to fill the position satisfactorily and would come out with a list of their recommendees.. The Board likewise endorses the conduct by professional psychiatrists of a neuro-psychiatric exam to the candidates.

            In the recent en banc session, the Commission unanimously approved the Selection Board’s recommended applicants for Labor Arbiter positions, ranked according to their ratings and priority for appointment, namely, for Luzon vacancy -- Atty. Cherry P. Sarmiento, Atty. Ma. Minerva S. Paez-Collantes, Atty. Maria Mylene P. Carag-Cruz, Atty. Mary Ann P. Daytia, Atty. Dedette B. Diola, Atty. Irene Castro de Quiroz, Atty. Agnes Alexis A. Lucero de Grano, Atty. Norberto D. Enriquez, Atty. Ronaldo R. Doctor. Atty. Ma. Lilia O. dela Rea, Atty. Almel S. Mangandog, Atty. Raul M. Luna, Atty. Maria Ursula Cristina S. Casa-Siervo, Atty. Raquel M. Ladrillano, Atty. Ma. Juana S. Valeza, Atty. Rey F. Delgado, Atty. Portia D. Flores-Diesta, Atty. Julio Rafael Gayaman, Atty. Ma. Bernardita L. Carreon, Atty. Celso Virgilio C. Ylagan, Atty. Augusto L. Villanueva, Atty. Allan A. Ventura, Atty. Philip Lansangan-Yam, Atty. Laudimer I. samar, and Atty. Reynante L. San Gaspar. For the vacancy in the Visayas area – Atty. Merlo P. Bagano, and for the Mindanao area, Atty. Honorato A. Mazo. 

            The list will then be forwarded to Secretary Rosalinda D. Bandoz of the Department of Labor and Employment for her endorsement to the Office of the President (OP) which has its own Search Committee.  It is the OP Search Committee who would finally submit the list of nominees to President Benigno C. Aquino.

            The presidential appointees will then have to finalize several other requirements like the personal data sheet, service record (if government employee), certification that the recommendee possesses all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications, bar rating and clearances from the a) Civil Service Commission, b) Office of the Ombudsman, c) Sandiganbayan, d) National Bureau of Investigation, and, e) Office clearance as to administrative cases and financial accountabilities.

            The officials and employees of the NLRC look forward to welcoming the next line of Labor Arbiters to its family.