SC Underscore the Import of NLRC Rules of Procedure

      In a January 2012 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the NLRC cannot be accused of grave abuse of discretion because under the NLRC Rules of Procedure, the NLRC shall limit itself to reviewing and deciding only the issues that were elevated on appeal.

       “The NLRC, while not totally bound by technical rules of procedure, is not licensed to disregard and violate the implementing rules it implemented,” the Court said.

      In all instances, however, technicalities were not allowed to stand in the way of equitably and completely resolving the labor disputes.

      Technical rules are not binding in labor cases and are not to be applied strictly if the result would be detrimental to the working man.

      Consistent with the mandates of the Labor Code and prevailing jurisprudence notwithstanding, the NLRC in adjudicating labor cases choose not to encumber itself with technicalities and limitations consequent to procedural rules if such will only serve as a hindrance to its duty to decide cases judiciously and in a manner that would put an end with finality to all existing labor conflicts between the employer and the employee. (See Sarona vs. NLRC, G.R. No. 185280, January 18, 2012)


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