NLRC Embarked on Computerization: Case Management and Tracking

      In line with the strategy under the Philippine Labor and Employment Plan 2011-2016 to ensure transparency and accountability in dispute settlement by posting the status of labor cases at the DOLE and NLRC websites, the NLRC has developed a computer program to provide a comprehensive database of all cases at the Regional Arbitration Branches.

     The Web-Based Case Tracking System (CTS) was designed to expedite the resolution of cases through the effective monitoring and strict observance of time limits in the conduct of case events, from filing to disposition.

     The Web Based Case Tracking System project aims to build and strengthen the capacity of the NLRC, so as to evolve an accessible and reliable automated system that would be able to provide a comprehensive database of all cases, including the current status of each, at the Main/Sub Regional Arbitration Branches, and eventually at the Commission Proper, especially the remote divisions – Visayas and Mindanao.

      In November 2011, the Web Based Case Tracking System project was initially pilot-tested in some Regional Arbitration Branches, and in January 2012, the project was fully implemented.

      The advantage of the Web Based Case Tracking System project insofar as the DOLE Case Docketing and Monitoring System (CDMS) is that all the data of the NLRC with respect to case status can be easily linked to the DOLE website.      

      As early as February 2012, the DOLE System Developer has coordinated and discussed with the NLRC, the effective linkages of the NLRC CTS to the DOLE CDMS.



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