QUEZON CITY, February 18 – Beginning January of 2011, year-end reports indicate that the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) was able to reduce pending cases both at the Commission Proper and in the Regional Arbitration Branches (RABs). This was the initial outcome of extensive campaigns and reforms instituted in the past years under its Chairman, Gerardo C. Nograles, that include a much strengthened adjudication system, streamlined procedures, removal of red tape, and the restoration of integrity and fairness in the NLRC.

The NLRC, a quasi-judicial agency under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), is mandated to resolve labor and management disputes based on social justice in the fairest, quickest, least expensive and most effective way possible. 

Based on the 2010 Year End Performance Assessment (YEPA) of the NLRC, the total number/percentage of labor cases disposed of in the Commission Proper is approximately 12,546 or 109% out of 11,543 cases received in 2010, 9% of which are percentage shares from pending cases in 2009. In the RABs, 33,416 or 102% were disposed out of 32,958 cases received in 2010, 2% of which are percentage shares from pending cases in 2009. 

Significantly, the Commission Proper successfully disposed of 55% labor cases in favor of the workers, and 45% for the management. In the RABs, 65% was in favor of the workers, and 35% for the management.  

In 2010, the total monetary awards to the winning parties, especially to workers, were approximately P16.9 Billion pesos in the Commission Proper, and P4.4 Billion pesos in the RABs. In sum, the cumulative monetary benefits resulting from the successful settlement of labor cases reached some P213 Billion pesos, benefiting 41,351 workers. The dominant labor issues in previous years were on termination disputes.

Pursuant to its reform measures, the NLRC is presently revisiting the Rules of Procedure and Manual on Execution of Judgment to cope up to hew them along current applicable laws and jurisprudence.