Philippine Trade & General Workers Organization Commends NLRC Towards "Matuwid na Daan"

         The Philippine Trade & General Workers Organization (PTGWO), through its President, Mr. Victorino F. Balais, took cognizance of the recent reforms of the NLRC.

          In a letter dated 26 September 2012 to NLRC Chairman Gerardo Nograles, Mr. Balais, enumerates the reform measures implemented by the NLRC.

           “At the outset, we took note of the recent reforms implemented by the Commission to improve and strengthen its operations and processes particularly in addressing: 1) the performance of the Commission, 2) the perception of corrupt practices, 3) the procedures in labor arbitration and adjudication, and 4) other administrative enhancements taken,” Mr. Balais said.

           “Such actions have been beneficial to your clientele particularly to the labor sector,” he added.

           President Balais explained that the reforms will helped in reinvigorating public opinion towards the Commission as an impartial body mandated “to promote and maintain industrial peace” for good of everyone.

           “Records show that the performance of the Commission for 2011 has improved both in quality and quantity. In terms of numbers, they have resolved cases at the Regional Arbitration Branches and the Commission Proper at 97% and 88% of their respective targets despite of having insufficient number of Labor Arbiters and Commissioners.

           “Qualitatively, the Commission boasts of 91% and 93% affirmation for cases resolved from the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, respectively.

           “The report is impressive considering the outputs versus the targets and we hope that the Commission will continue this trend,” he said.

            Report on arbitration and adjudication similarly has positive results with the Commission and its Regional Arbitration Branches having higher level of disposition of cases, and posted gains in reducing the number of pending cases.

            The issuance of the 2011 NLRC Rules of Procedure addresses the issue of delay and enforcement of final decisions effectively. It has streamlined the processes and has helped the monitoring of resolved cases.

           “Generally, we feel that the Commission is moving towards ‘matuwid na daan’ and we assure you that the Federation is with you in your advocacy. We will support you on these kinds of reforms wherein labor will ultimately get justice and their rights will be upheld,” Mr. Balais finally said.

           The reform measures are the result of the commitment of the NLRC, through the leadership of Chairman Nograles, to improve labor arbitration and adjudication.


Research, Information and Publications Division

National Labor Relations Commission