NLRC Resolve 32,107 Cases by End of 3rd Quarter of 2012

          The National Labor Relations Commission disposed of 32,107 cases by the end of 3rd quarter of 2012, 23,021 original cases from the Regional Arbitration Branches, and 9,086 appealed cases from the Commission Proper.

           Settlement during compulsory arbitration at the Regional Arbitration Branches posted at 43% or 9,841 settled cases, and 35% or 2,509 settled cases under the Single-Entry Approach (SEnA) program. 

           The high ratio of settlements, both at the SEnA and compulsory arbitration, shows a continuing effort to encourage the resolution of cases by agreements of the parties.

           Of the 23,021 original cases at the Regional Arbitration Branches, 65% or 14,880 are disposed of in favor of labor (workers), and 35% or 8,141 in favor of management (employer). At the Commission Proper, 43% or 3,886 appealed cases are disposed of in favor of labor, while 57% or 5,200 are in favor of management.

           Judgment awards at the Regional Arbitration Branches reached P2.90B, benefitting 24,266 workers. Of the amount awarded and workers benefitted, P1.50B awarded through settlement, benefitting 13,752 workers, and P1.40B through cases of merit, benefitting 10,514 workers. At the Commission Proper, P2.37B are awarded, benefitting 7,764 workers.

          Of the total judgment award, the Regional Arbitration Branches awarded to local cases P238M by settlement, and P647M by decision on the merits. For OFW cases, P1.30B by settlement and P758M by decision on the merits are awarded.


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National Labor Relations Commission