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POSTED: NOVEMBER 5, 2012 2:10 AM
          It is seldom that a government agency is commended considering that, most often than not, government are either embroiled in some anomalies or they are performing subpar.
          So when Sen. Franklin Drilon praised the National Labor Relations Commission, it was a testament that the agency had done something that many others have not.

NLRC Performance Lauded, Nograles Commends Staff

         The National Labor Relations Commission headed by its Dabawenyo chairman Gerardo C. Nograles has earned praise it’s performance in 2011.

Senator Franklin M. Drilon said the NLRC deserves to be nominated for the Civil Service Commission award because of its outstanding record. 
Drilon, a former secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment, which has supervision over NLRC, and Senate President, noted NLRC’s performance during a budget meeting last month.
         In his “A Mantle of Gratitude” letter to officials and employees of the agency on 

NLRC Chief Cites Good Performance of Peronnel

November 1, 2012 12:37 am 

         DAVAO CITY, Oct. 31 — The chairman of the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) has cited the vital role of his men that contributed a lot in the attainment of the commission’s goals and accomplishments.

        “We can now claim, with pride and honor, that our efforts set a remarkable distinction in the field of public service. This success, however, cannot come into fruition without the contribution and participation of all the personnel,” said NLRC chair lawyer Gerardo Nograles, who is here in Davao City.

        This came after Senator Franklin Drilon himself commended the agency for its good performance specifically its speedy resolution of cases, marked

NLRC Nomination for CSC Award Pushed

Senator Franklin M. Drilon said the National Labor Relations Commission must be nominated for Civil Service Commission Award because of exemplary performance especially last year

NLRC on National Peace Consciousness Month 2012

            In coordination with the Office of Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) of the Office of the President, the NLRC supports and participates in the celebration of the Peace Month 2012.

            A public display of the National Peace Consciousness Month 2012 streamer, with the theme “Ako. Ikaw. Tayo. Magkakaiba, Nagkakaisa sa Kapayapaan – NLRC is for PEACE” was posted in main building of the NLRC.

NLRC Joins the 13th National Human Rights Forum on Protection of the Rights of Call Center Workers

            The NLRC participates in the 13thNational Human Rights Forum on Protection of the Rights of Call Center Workers last 29 August 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Pasig City.

            The forum was organized and sponsored by the Presidential Human Rights Committee (PHRC) of the Office of the President.

SC Affirms Labor Arbiter Dismissing Seafarer's Claim for Disability Benefits

          In an August 2012 decision, the Supreme Court affirms the decision of the Labor Arbiter in dismissing the claim of petitioner-OFW for disability benefits.

           “While the provisions of the POEA-SEC are liberally construed in favor the well-being of OFW, claims for compensation which hinge on surmises must still be denied, as in this case”, the Supreme Court said.

NLRC-Seventh Division Takes Part in Building a Better Tomorrow

           Industrialization may have contributed to our perception of what progress should be yet to some extent it also destroyed the balance of nature that could lead to global warming and climate change. With the current dilemma, are We going to just sit back and watch mother nature die or are we going to step up and make a difference?

SC Finds No Grave Abuse of Discretion on Writ of Execution Issued by NLRC for Security Guard

       In a June 2012 decision, the Supreme Court affirms the decision of the NLRC relative to reinstatement and payment of monetary benefits.

      “We do not see any grave abuse of discretion after a close examination of the petition and the attached records where 3rd Alert insists that a copy of the manifestation on reinstatement had been sent to the security guard’s counsel”, the Supreme Court said.

Disability Compensation Benefits under the CBA Amounting to US$148,500.00 Awarded to Seaman

       National Capital Region Arbitration Branch awarded US$148,500.00 as disability compensation benefits under the CBA to a seaman.

       In a decision dated 27 March 2012, the labor arbiter declares the seaman entitled to disability compensation benefits under the CBA in the amount of US$148,500.00.