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Determination of real parties in interest involving sole proprietorships/franchisees set during mandatory conferences

            In a Memorandum dated 01 February 2013, Chairman Gerardo C. Nograles reminded all the Executive/Labor Arbiters that a business or franchise name, unlike a corporation, has no juridical or legal personality to be sued.

Referral of bonding companies to clients an absolute prohibition to all NLRC officials and employees

          In a Memorandum dated 09 January 2013, Chairman Gerardo C. Nograles reiterates the Administrative Order No. 09-01, Series of 2012, setting the procedure on the verification of the genuineness and authenticity of the appeal bonds posted in the Commission, and sternly reminded all officials and employees to strictly abide by Memorandum Circular No. 11-01, Series of 2004.

NLRC chief orders re-raffling of inhibited cases within 24-hours

          In an Administrative Order No. 01-05, Series of 2013, Chairman Gerardo C. Nograles orders the Office of the Executive Labor Arbiters to immediately re-raffle the cases inhibited by the handling Labor Arbiter, within twenty-four (24) hours from receipt thereof.

           The immediate re-raffle of inhibited cases is to avoid unnecessary delay in the disposition of cases.

New NLRC notice of decision/order/resolution template prescribed by NLRC chief

          In an Administrative Order No. 02-06, Series of 2013, a revised NLRC Notice of Decision/Order/Resolution template was prescribed by Chairman Gerardo C. Nograles, upon consultation with the Commission En Banc, to all Executive/Labor Arbiters at the Regional Arbitration Branches.

Arangkada Philippines rated NLRC with five (5) stars for improved labor adjudication and arbitration

             In its Second Anniversary Assessment, Arangkada Philippines rated the NLRC with five (5) stars of all the recommendations in labor.

NLRC-NCR Labor Arbiters settled 159 cases in less than 5 days amounting to P108.58 Million in January 2013

          Of the 210 cases disposed of by the NCR Labor Arbiters in January 2013, 159 cases are settled in favor of 207 workers in less than five (5) days, with an award amounting to P108,583,033.64. This settled cases involves monetary claims ranging from P5,000 to P6,542,480.

Philippine Trade & General Workers Organization Commends NLRC Towards "Matuwid na Daan"

         The Philippine Trade & General Workers Organization (PTGWO), through its President, Mr. Victorino F. Balais, took cognizance of the recent reforms of the NLRC.

          In a letter dated 26 September 2012 to NLRC Chairman Gerardo Nograles, Mr. Balais, enumerates the reform measures implemented by the NLRC.

Associated Labor Unions-TUCP Commends NLRC's Reform Agenda

          The Associated Labor Unions-TUCP, through its National Executive Vice President, Mr. Gerard R. Seno, appreciates and commends the NLRC’s ongoing efforts of instituting reform measures.

NLRC Resolve 32,107 Cases by End of 3rd Quarter of 2012

          The National Labor Relations Commission disposed of 32,107 cases by the end of 3rd quarter of 2012, 23,021 original cases from the Regional Arbitration Branches, and 9,086 appealed cases from the Commission Proper.

           Settlement during compulsory arbitration at the Regional Arbitration Branches posted at 43% or 9,841 settled cases, and 35% or 2,509 settled cases under the Single-Entry Approach (SEnA) program. 

NLRC Maintains High Affirmance Rate of Decisions from Supreme Court and Court of Appeals in 2012

       The National Labor Relations Commission maintains the high affirmance rate of decisions from the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

        By the end of 3rd quarter of 2012, 92% or 1,016 cases are affirmed, and 8% or 14 cases are reversed on appeal by the Court of Appeals. On appeal to the Supreme Court, 97% or 1,174 cases are affirmed, and 3% or 34 cases are reversed by the High Court.